Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wash Your Hands.

Just since Monday, my childrens school seems to be overrun with the H1N1 flu. Yesterday Jozie got her vaccine and today Zack is getting his, and hopefully I will get mine soon as well. The three of us have asthma so we are in need of the vaccine, however Jeff and Tay do not so they are not in so much need and Jeff is totally against it. Rightfully so , but I do not want to be the parent that did not think they should get it and regret that choice later.
If you cannot get the vaccine please just make it a point to wasj your hands and teach your kids the same habits. I really did not so much want to blog about the stupid flu, ny point was the importance even when it is not flu season in hand washing.
Yesterday Jozie got her vaccine, after we went to the grocery store to fill a rx and get a snack, while there I realized how much stuff my daughter touches. She touched just about everything, then she was playing with all the change in the "take a penny leave a penny" container. I looked at her and sai "What are you doing" she then said "nothing". At that point I realized that she does stuff like this all the time. I quickly also bought the habd sanitizer for the car, because she touches everything and always has something in her mouth.
So know better how much you agree or disagree with the H1N1 vaccine or even if you think that it is all a hoax, make sure that you wash your hands, and that your children do as well. For one day or even an hour watch everything that your child touches and how many things they put in their mouth, and then realize how much that truly is, and teach them good habits. By the way Jozie also washes her hands everytime she uses the bathroom and before she eats anything, but I feel like I need to let people know that they are not just not touching anything in all that time inbetween.

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