Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Seeing that today was a "snow day", and my children spent 90% of their day out playing in the newly fallen 11" that we got today, I decided to make some changes in my living room.
I started with the curtains. The curtains that I had were just a thin off white cotton, the same color as my walls, and they were something that a friend gave me, because at the time we had no blinds or curtains. So I made some new curtains, and tied them with a brown mesh.
The other change that I made was I changed the pictures hanging (only some of them) I either took them down or moved them. I replaced them with some homemade art work. The two framed pieces Zack and Jozie did as an art fund raiser at school this year, and I bought the mated piece, and put them in frames. The two canvas pieces, Jozie and I painted this summer, one weekend that she was the only child home, and it was a beautiful day that we wanted to capture in our own way.
These few changes took me most of the day, but I had to sew my curtains by hand (I have no sewing machine), but it did not cost me a dime, so I am very happy with my changes, and Jeff even likes them too!

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  1. Love the changes, especially the curtains... much better!