Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh My Children......

As I was out getting winter gear for my husband last night, Jozie decided that in the middle of Dick"s sporting goods, she would ask me some questions about my childhood, here is what she said.
"Mom, when you were a kid my age did you have small boobies?"
Me: "Yes Jo"
"Well then when did they grow?"
"They still haven't honey"
"Mommy this is serious I need to know, so that I will know when mine will grow"
"Jozie can we talk about this later?"
"I guess but I want to get a bra form the bra store in the mall" (which is Victoria Secret)
"Well honey that will not be for a few more years."
"So your boobies are too small to get a bra there?"
I love that the store was packed and we were in the mens winter boot section with about 10 men, at the time of this conversation.

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