Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mery Christmas

(these are my moms blocks that I made)
I am sorry that I have not put anything on here in awhile, but the Christmas season is so busy that I have not had time. Let me tell you though about all the gifts that I made.
I started with the rice bags, and hand sewing them when a really cool friend of mine told me to go over and use her sewing machine, sweet. I made 4 over there and thought sweet I am done. Then my son offered them to his teachers (note the s on the end of the word teacher) So after sending the ones I made at my friends out to family members I was on my own. I hand sewed NINE good sized rice bags for Zack and Jozies teachers, thankfully Mattea wanted to give hers chocolate! I also have three more to do for my children.
I also made some really cool blocks, I made 5 sets of five, plus the stand that they are on with three different sayings. Then I made potpourri jars with lights in them. I also made 5 sets of each of the kids hand prints to make ornaments, but I forgot to send those out!
Now in school I am retaking my failed math class, and the quiz that I had to take gave me 33% Awesome (no not really). Overall though I did pass the first two weeks.
Thankfully I am on vacation.
Last but not least, in my holiday post, I am sad that my children are at their other parents on Christmas eve, and will wake up there on Christmas day. I hate that and yes I said hate, I know that in all fairness it has to be that way, but honsetly we are the ones that feed them, and care for then all but 6 days a month, so it just doesn't seem fair and makes me a little sad, but on a good note they will all be back early afternoon on Christmas day.
Enjoy your Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful day with your family and friends (even those who have to travel to do so)

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