Sunday, December 27, 2009

What are you Thinking?

Christmas has past, and before I do my reflect on the year 2009, with pictures, I thought that there was an absolute need for me to rant about this post. Also before I do I must say that my family and I did have a great Christmas, with family and friends.
Moving on, so there are these dolls that my wonderful ex husband found appropriate for my 10 year old daughter. They are the Living Dead Dolls series 18, which I must add that there a disclaimer on the sites that I found stating these are collector dolls for adults and not suitable for under the age of 16. My husband and I found these not appropriate for Jozie so they will be going back to his house this weekend, and they will need to stay there. I also found out tonight that Jozie did not mind that as he wanted them to go back and forth every time she went there. So now Jackass they can stay there.
These dolls come with death certificates, not birth certificates, and stories how they were killed or eaten alive, However the single one in the two pictures is my all time question asking one, This doll was burned alive, note the detail on the doll. This is great for a collector, but not for my 1o year old daughter. Please leave a comment, I want to know what you all think.

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  1. I think 'jackass' just about covers it. I am absolutely appalled at his parenting philosophy. I know men mature more slowly than women, but he thought processes are clearly that of a preteen boy.