Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Other Side.

There are two sides to every story, and opinions are the same way. I have decided to touch on a subject that comes up often, but I am on the other side now.

Tonight for dinner a made my family Shepard's pie, and they LOVE Shepard's pie. I however think that it is one of the most disgusting things that I have ever eaten. I did not eat as a kid, and I still do not. Aha but what do you do when you make something for dinner that you do not like? Well I personally make myself something else. This means that I am making two dinners tonight. One that I will not eat, and the one for me. Is that okay? Yes it is. It is the other side of the debate that all families have. Which leads me to my point.

I do not often make something that I do not like, and I hardly ever make something that Jeff does not like, and if I do he tells he does not like it, and I will not make it again. I do however often make things that my children do not like. And yes I will make something different for them. I will often make a different version for them, but if it is truly a food that they do not like, then I will make them something else. I know a lot of you are saying "your crazy" and maybe I am. Here's the thing though, tonight I made me something different because I did not like what I made, and I know that the other four people in my house do. Why then do we insist that our children eat something they do not like? Like I said I do not often make a meal that Jeff or I do not like, but we have three kids, which means five people, with five different likes and dislikes, and five different tastes. I will not make everyone happy if I go with what just Jeff and I like, and we will not be happy if we go with what they like (or healthy for that matter). I feel that there has to be some sort of compromise. I also think that it teaches my kids how to compromise. This because they learn that you can't always make everyone happy. I think that it also teaches them they do not have to like something, and they should feel free to say so.

On a side note, now that Zack and Tay are getting older, if they do not like what is for dinner, they are making what they do like and will eat. So they are also learning how to cook.

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