Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here Are My 7 Things That People Do Not Know About Me.

My lovely friend Michele got this Kreative Blogger award, in the rules you have to link to 7 people that will tell her 7 (and the rest of you) 7 things about me that people do not know. So thank you Michele, and here you go.

I love to dance, but only in my house, and if I ever go out and there is dancing I will tell you that I do not dance, because I am so shy. In my house though I dance.

I have been married twice, and have never been proposed to. My ex husband threw a ring across the room, and told me to plan a wedding, and he might show up. ( I should have known better) And I proposed to Jeff (my husband). I did! I picked the date and went into his bedroom/office, got on one knee and asked him to marry me. I would do it again, and again as long as I could keep marrying him.

I live a rock star life (minus the drugs) but pretty much everything else.

I road on a bus with a friend and her 3 year old son from Manchester, NH to Marietta Oklahoma, it was a very long 4 days!

I am dyslexic, I was diagnosed at the beginning of my senior year, which explained a lot.

I am a ridiculously huge Blink 182 fan, yes at 35 years old, and I think that Travis Barker is the hottest man in the world (well next to Jeff)

I am terrified of the dark!

There are my 7 things. I hope that you enjoy learning these things about me.

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