Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun, and Earth Friendly

On New Years day my mother and I took Jozie to the American Girl store for the unveiling party of the new Girl of the Year. We had gotten there early enough for Jozie to shop, and then went to a dinner party were we could learn about the new doll. (they all have stories). While we were eating we did little surveys to see if we were outdoor or indoor people, and we all talked about things that we could do to help the environment. We had a blast, and learned some cool things.

One of the cool things that they gave us was a few strips of paper, some small beads, a straw, and some string. All these things make a bracelet, like the one above. The cool part of it though is the paper is form an old American Girl catalog (that if you have a daughter you are getting, and throwing away). Now you can make all kinds of things with these materials, and it was easy too. All you do is cut the paper into skinny triangles, wrap the strip of paper around the straw. Glue the end down, (best to use a glue stick). Then put it on the string, and you use the blue beads as separators.

That is it. Easy, Fun , and Earth Friendly Jewelery.

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