Friday, March 5, 2010

My Hero

I have to post on how my husband is my hero.

On Wednesday I came home from work feeling fine (other than the head cold I had, and being up for almost 3 full 24 hour days with no sleep). I told Jeff that I had to go to the store to get Jozie some chicken broth and popsicles, and left. On the way home from the store my stomach started to hurt and I started not feeling well. When I got home I dropped the groceries and told Jeff I needed to go lay down. He said okay and completely took over making dinner, and all that went along with it.

Shortly after I laid down, I had gotten sick. I knew it was going to be yet another long night.

My husband hero completely took over for me the next day as well. He woke up with the kids, and got them off to school, he kept an eye on Jozie making sure that she was feeling better, and at least eating popsicles, and he let me sleep until almost 1:00 pm.

I know that this is what should happen when a wife/mother is sick, but I also know that sometimes it does not happen. I was once a single mom, and I know how many times when we are sick you just have to keep going. I also know some people do not have it as good as I do, and I just wanted everyone to know that my husband, is truly my hero.


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