Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Random Roundup

My weekend started Friday (like everyone Else's), I dropped off Zack at his dad's and Jozie went to my mothers. Then I came home, and Jeff had dropped off Tay at her mom's and brought back some shelving that we ended up putting in Zack's closet to organize him better. It looks great.

On Saturday I went to get a tattoo. I did not pass out nor feel like I was going to. I do have a tip about getting a tattoo, and an opinion. My tip, it hurts, but not so much while getting it, it hurts more after , because it burns! My opinion is this, I always here that when getting a tattoo, the outline is the worst part, I however disagree, I find that the color,(or shading in my case) was the worst, note the blood and bruising which came while shading. A great friend of mine came with me while I did this, and if you want tips on getting a tattoo, she has some great ones.
On Sunday I went to Boston with my mother to see The Lion King, I highly recommend you get tickets and go see it, but I do not suggest bringing young children as it almost three hours long. After that we went to a great restaurant on Tremont St., called Sibling Rivalry, and had a great meal.

As of today my tattoo although still bruised a little feels much better, and is starting to look better as well.

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