Sunday, April 25, 2010

Every Day

I was just looking through an email and at the bottom it said "Earth Day is Every Day" which led me to this post.

Last Thursday was Earth Day, and I unlike all of my other Blogging friends did not post anything about Earth Day, and I did not plant a tree or start composting. What I did do is what I do every day. I did not use my dryer (because I never do) I watered the plants that already planted, I cleaned my kitchen with natural cleaner from Seventh Generation. I turned off the extra lights, and the ones no one was using, and I enjoyed nature by playing outside with the kids at school, and the my own kids at home.

I did not throw litter out my window, or buy a case of water (which I used to do), and I was not a wasteful person.

As much as I love the idea and Earth Day, EVERY DAY should be Earth Day, and we should always try not to be wasteful. We should always think about the things we use to clean or eat from (unlike my children's school who feeds them on Styrofoam trays) and just because of the things we are doing. In the end it will be better for all of us.

So please live everyday like you did on Earth Day

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