Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Am So Old!

I feel so old! Last night I brought Jozie to her first dance. As I was driving to drop her off, I remembered the days when I was 10, and I went with my dad to drop my sister off at her dance. Then I would climb in the car with him at 11:00 and go get her with him. I remembered how I could not wait to go to those dances, and how it seemed so exciting to get ready for them.

Luckily Jozie's dance only lasted til 7:00.

When I went to pick her up, I was so anxious to hear about how much fun she had. I ended up standing in the lobby for 30 minutes after the dance because she wanted to help clean up. When she came out though she said she had a great time, and learned some new dance moves!

While Zack and were waiting, Zack ended up lucking out, because his girlfriend came with her step dad to pick up her stepbrother. He was happy to see her. Yes, Zack has a girlfriend, who is in 8th grade. This drives me crazy but I can not complain because then he will want to be her boyfriend even longer. Funny though, she introduced him to her stepfather, but he never introduced her to me. When I asked him why he said, because she did not think I was there. She thought that he had gone to the dance. She seems like a nice girl, but I do not know too much about her, and it is at these times that I wish I still worked in their school.

I wish my children would not grow up so fast.

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