Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Have Found It.

Yes all that is right, I have found it. It being the definition of bad parenting.
Tonight I went to my children's spring district concert. District being that the two schools get together and do a chorus concert once a year. My kids did great as did all the others, including the Alton children. I had a great seat to take pictures, for about 10 minutes, and then it happened.
I was sitting there minding my business waiting for my children to sing when this woman and her son sat down behind me, and then it started. After about 2 seconds he was saying he felt he needed to go to the bathroom. The mother said do not start already. This child by the way is in third grade. Then he started screaming about how annoying she was, and he was not about to sit there and listen to her be annoying. Mom said nothing. He then started saying how she was a Fu$^ing idiot, and still mom said nothing. The comments went on like this for the whole three hours that I was there. As well as hitting her, and calling her a bitch. Mom still said nothing. The child went to the bathroom four times, but all of them after mom said no, and he called her names and told her that he was going to kill her. Still mom said nothing. I was ready to turn around and slap the shit out of mom.
I will add that this child goes to my children's school and my tax dollars pay for him to have an aide because his behavior is out of control. Gee I wonder why.
No I really don't. I know why. The whole time this child was screaming at his mother, everyone was watching, and she did and said nothing to him.

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