Monday, May 17, 2010

Time, What time?

I have not posted a blog post in a while now, and that is for many reasons, but mostly because I am a procrastinator.
I waited until the last minute to realize that I had to do an assignment for the whole learning team because no one else did anything for my Psychology class. Oh and by the way I got us an A, so I guess I did pretty well with it.
I also waited until yesterday to really work in my dad's photo blocks for his Birthday party this weekend. That would not have been so bad except I somehow ended up in two classes this time. I know to some of you that seems pretty manageable, but I work full time, and have three kids, and it is recital time for Jozie. This means that tonight we left at 5:45 and got home at 9:30 from pictures, and the next few weeks are going to hectic.
My husband also got a job, and I am not complaining because it is the best fit for him, however for those of you that do not know, Jeff and I spend a lot of time together. So much that most people do not understand how we do it. We have the best relationship in the world. Him working though takes some of that time away. I have to say that I regret complaining about the times of us sitting in the couches with computers on our laps. I would take that back in a heartbeat.
So along with two different classes to do work for and taking every free minute I have to hang out with my husband, my blog has taken a backseat.

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