Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have no idea why, maybe because I am older, or maybe because I think it is wrong to judge, but why is it that it seems younger people are so judgemental. I am talking about young adults, not children. As a parent I vow to help my children be non judgemental. I realized this today.
Today something happened that I was totally shocked by a woman in her mid twenties was doing her job, while talking to other co workers. They were talking about graduation that is happening this weekend. One of these has a sister that made a choice to not graduate. The other woman said, "Oh so she is just going to get pregnant and live on welfare, like the rest of the people in this town?" This was said in front of children as well. It makes me sick to know that this is what she thinks of the town that she works in, and the people that live in the town. A town where the school and community work together often to make it a better place to live and raise children. I am disgusted by this and feel that every parent should be, mostly because if it were said in front of your children how would you feel? And by the way lady who the hell are you to judge, you work in the town yet are disgusted by the people who live there? Here is a solution...since no one is tying you down and telling you that you HAVE to work there, go find a town to work in that you like. But then again you clearly judge people so that will most likely never happen, because no one can ever be as good as you.

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