Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am so excited that my hectic week is over. Last week we were at environmental camp, and we had recital week ( which by the way was great), then you add in school, and homework, and it makes it a very busy week. Now though things will quiet down for a little while, and I am ready.
I have 5 and a half days left before I am on summer vacation. Dance is over except for dance camp which is a week long, and that is about it until soccer starts back up.
I am totally planning at least one beach day, and hopefully a trip to Squam Lake Science Center. I am also looking forward to just hanging out and relaxing. I still have school, but even that is looking a little better. I was suppose to take environmental Law starting next Tuesday, but I got a call saying that they had to change it to Environmental issues and ethics so it should be fun. Maybe after I get more information in the class I can get my husband want a compost er, and we can start one. ( I know baby, I know....)

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