Thursday, July 8, 2010

Advice For My Children

There are many things I want to teach my children, and many pieces of advice I want to give them, but I was thinking last night and I thought of some of the most important things to give them and teach them:

1. Be respectful, and you will get respect

2. Do not make fun of people ( I hate when people make fun of other people about disabilities) to criticize someone for being pregnant and having a pack of butts in their hand is not the same thing as making fun of people by the way

3. Do not judge anyone. a way a person chooses to live is not your choice and you should not judge them for it

4. Live alone for at least a year. No roommate, or friend, just alone. You will learn so much about yourself

5. Be proud of who you are (even if you have not met your career goals)

6. Be proud of your body (girls this more for you, and yes I am not a good example of this, but do not follow me on this one)

7. Marry your best friend (even if they are the same sex..we do not judge remember)your spouse should love you for who you are, not who they want you to be, you should never have to change for anyone.

8. Do Not Smoke!!!!!(I hope at this point you have all learned what it will do to and your family)

9.Know that your parents are always here for you, (even when we do not let you move back in)

10. Live your life to the fullest( you have one to live, do not be too crazy, but enjoy it)

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