Monday, July 26, 2010

Amazing and Peaceful

I had the opportunity yesterday to go with my mother to visit my grandmother. I thought that it was amazing that my 85 year old grandmother, who will be 86, has her mind, and 100% of her mind still, and still knits my children and my cousins children sweaters, mittens, and blankets. She is truly an amazing woman.

I also had the opportunity to stop by my aunts, ( hi aunt Nan), and uncles house so that my mom could drop something off. Unfortunately they were not there. (I guess they did not know Paris was coming over.) Anyways, they have a wonderful piece of land, and a gorgeous home. Along with that they have the most beautiful peaceful garden that I have seen. In the middle of their garden is this huge rock that as a kid I remember climbing on. They have done a great job on the garden, and their shed looks so cute, I just love it. I have shared a picture at the top of this posting, but pictures can not describe how great this is.

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