Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Side?

A family friend (well really my 2nd mom) asked me to write a blog post about what side of the road you should walk on. At first I thought ahh, no thank you, but then as I was driving home today I realized how many people I saw walking on the wrong side, and it started me wondering if they no longer teach children this. As a parent I am always telling my children this, but then as I think a little more,people do not tell their children this, because not a lot of children walk anywhere these days. I also thought that I need to have some sort of source with this, because there is always a jackass out there that will argue it. So I went to this site, and found this:
For a road that has sidewalks on both sides of the road, it is acceptable to walk on either side of the road (facing traffic or against traffic) because you are separated form the automobiles.
For a road that has only one sidewalk, it is recommended that you walk on that side of the road (facing or against oncoming traffic) Again the sidewalk helps separate you from the automobiles.
If no sidewalks exists on the road it is recommended that you walk facing on coming traffic. Also you should get as far off the road as you can.
There you go, now you will know what side you should walk on. Please teach your children this as well.

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