Friday, July 30, 2010

Is This it?

This year, actually next weekend my mother and I are taking Jozie, and Amanda to the American Girl store in MA, for their 11th and 10th birthdays. Although their birthdays are not until September we are taking them in August, due to the fact that we take them in the summer, and because of my father having cancer, and going through treatments the few weeks after, we needed to up a little this year.

I have to wonder though, since Jo will be 11 this year, is this it? Is this the last time she will want to go to the American Girl store? She has 9 of the dolls, so she really does not need one, but she also saves her own money for them. In fact she has bought 3 of them all on her own. So is he outgrowing them? In some ways I hope not, for the she is my youngest reason, but also for the fact that she plays all the time with them and her wonderful imagination, and we all know how important that is. I love that she would rather do that then play her game boy, or on the computer.

At the same time though, I think okay we are done with this now, and that is not so bad either. I think mainly because people get frustrated when she asks for gifts from American Girl. I know they are expensive, and I know some people are against them. That is fine, as far as the cost, I can refer back to an older post, that I would rather spend money on them than video games.

Jeff has not been the biggest fan of these dolls either, but he does understand that if that is what she likes then, it is better to spend money on that, than something she will never use.

So I guess I would be somewhat sad, and somewhat glad, if we are at the last year that she asks to go to American Girl for her birthday.
*****Yes she does have a wild imagination******

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