Thursday, August 5, 2010


I really have not been blogging all that much due to the fact that I am on summer vacation, and trying to get a few things done everyday, and then off to the lake or pool with the kiddos. So here are a few random things that I have done or come across.

I spent two day furniture shopping, finally Jeff went with me, we ordered a sectional, and then on the way home I said nope I am not happy with that. Then I had to go furniture shopping again, finally we made a choice, and are both happy with that choice.

I have a complaint, I went to Goodwill the other day, and it was busy, but there was this lady with three kids, and she was talking on her cell phone, while her children were running around, bumping into people and grabbing their arms and legs form under the racks. First off, GET OFF THE DAMN PHONE LADY! Second, tell your kids to keep their hands to themselves. Third, and lady I know this is not your problem, but really it is. I just got a new tattoo, and your bratty kid grabbed my new tattooed arm, and squeezed, and it hurt, bad, and your kids should keep their hands to themselves, but once again, GET OFF THE PHONE, and watch your children.

I have three kids, and I do not let them run wild, well first off I do not bring them to goodwill, because you need to look through everything, and you can't when you have three kids with you.

I also make sure that if I am on the phone I watch my children, and if they were acting like that I would be so embarrassed I would say OK we are done, and I would leave.

Okay enough of that.

I got a new tattoo! I got Mike Ness (singer for Social Distortion) to sign my arm and got it tattooed on. I know (Mom, and Aunt Nan) what you are thinking, but it is important to me because now Jeff and I match, well kinda, but he has it, and now I do to. I had it put right above my Sick Girl tattoo, because he is the writer of Sick Boy, and that is what Jeff will have (soon I hope) then our wedding rings will match. I love it by the way. At first not so much, but as it heals I do like it, I think it looks good too.

Well I think is about it, I will try to better about blogging, cause we have had a pretty decent summer.

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  1. Coo Kell way cool, love the tatoo concept!!!