Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Money Saving & Just Better

I have to just tell you all that from this point on we will no longer be buying shampoo and conditioner in my house. I will be making it. Yes I know Jeff you are laughing, but that is okay. I am saving money, and we will be using organic hair products so we will have beautiful hair.

I have just purchased some Castile Soap and will be using this to make shampoo, and for conditioner there are all kinds if websites out there with recipes to make conditioner form things in your fridge or pantry, or you can just use coconut oil, or olive oil.

My decision came form just wanting to be more frugal, but also form the fact that it is just better for us and the environment.

The only thing I will not change is my lotion. I have recently (in the past year) gotten three tattoos, and a friend of mine told me to use cocoa butter to help heal them, so I did, and let me tell you I have not stopped using it. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this product. My skin is so soft, and for the first time in my life (and I mean that) I have a tan. I have been using 50SPF sunscreen, but I for some strange reason have a golden tan. Yup it's true, me with my sickly pale white Irish skin has a golden tan. I can only think that is my new use of the cocoa butter lotion, I love that lotion. I am even going to try to make it myself, but if it is not the same I will go back to buying it.

So wish me luck and if you have any idea's/recipes that have worked for you, please share them.

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