Friday, August 13, 2010

Art Class

I am taking an art class for school, and it is a photography class, but today we were asked about our inspiration, and family members that have an artistic side. I always thought that my mom was somewhat artistic, and my dad not really, then someone posted about their dad and how he is a mechanic. I then realized that, that is a sort of art. So in that realization this one is for my daddy.
I never thought that what he does is an art, but let me tell you, my dad can fix anything. He can lay a tile floor, and put in new doors, he can build just about anything, including a wardrobe for my cabbage patch kids when I was a younger. He can redo a kitchen, and a bathroom or two. He is the first person that Jeff and I called when Jeff sawed right through the water pipe in the basement, and when our pipes froze last year, and the year before. When I was a teenager he changed my oil and fixed my cars, and would still now if I did not have a warranty. He has put new engines in cars, and a new storm door on my house. My dad is a handy man in many many ways, and today I realized how much of an art form that is.
My dad is also an inspiration to me, because I inspire to be more like him every day. My dad would give you the shirt off his back and not ever think twice about it. He has always been there for me and my children, and my sister and her children.
My dad is an artist, and my hero, and I could not be prouder to call him my daddy.

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