Sunday, August 29, 2010


This week I went back to work, and although I said I would be ready, I was not. I think it is harder when you have to go back to school, but your children still have a week of summer vacation left, because well your still in summer mode.

Going back to work also meant that the chaos of two working parents, and three children starts. Zachary had soccer try outs this week, Jozie had to get fitted for dance shoes this week, and Tay had nothing, but volley-ball is coming soon. Then you have to make dinner, and do all the other things we do, and this is without homework and after school clubs, and what nots.

The one thing I realized is that I am so thankful for having the job that I have. I just got to spend everyday of the last 3 months with my children, and I loved it. We had beautiful weather, and some great friends that joined us, or we joined for a fun filled summer.

The other thing I realized is that I miss them when I am at work, and I miss Jeff a lot. With the opposite schedules it makes it hard, I think up until yesterday, I maybe saw him 20 minutes since I had gone back to work. As I was talking to him about this, he made me open my eyes a little, and realize how great life really is, but also how dwelling in things takes time away.

He told me that he loved me, and that I should smile, because if I am sad I will miss all the smiles of today. I do not want to miss any smiles if any day, smiles are what I live for, happiness, and love, and just plain living, makes me smile, and my children make me glow with happiness. Seeing the kids at school everyday makes me smile too. Watching my dad feel a little better everyday, well that makes me, and my heart smile a little more.

Now I know I do not want to ever miss a smile, and ready or not for chaos of 3 kids, work, school, sports, homework, and my school work, these things are going to happen, and I do not want to miss any smiles, or anything else, so I will not dwell, and I will realize that I may get sad, but a smile can help that sadness go away.

And if you see someone sad, give them a smile, see what happens you never know you might just help them have a better day.

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  1. Once you get a schedule going you will be good. Trust me I know. And yes it sucks to not see your husband but enjoy the time you do get with him, it makes life a little sweeter sometimes. :)