Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today is My Birthday!

Yes today is my Birthday, and I turned 26 again! I had a great Birthday that started on Tuesday afternoon. I went and picked up Jeff at work, then off to Portland Maine, to see Social Distortion (a favorite of both of ours) and a night in a hotel. The show was outstanding, and the hotel was outstanding x 3. It was a great fun filled night. On Wednesday we woke up at 10 am, and showered, went to breakfast, and he even took me to Starbucks for coffee.
Today I went over to visit my dad, and mom, I was going to go visit my dad at his chemo session, but his blood count is to low so no chemo. I went to their house, and really did not visit with my dad, as he was outside working on their new driveway with Jimmy, and so I went shopping with my mom. Then talked to my dad for a few minutes on my way out.
It was a great Birthday. Thanks to my totally awesome, best ever husband, that I love more and more everyday, and my beautiful children, and wonderful parents. Thank you all for a great Birthday.
                                           Our Wedding rings!
OH and the signed Ralph Fletcher poem book that a GREAT friend gave me!

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