Thursday, October 28, 2010

Upcoming Activities and more

Next week is my Birthday, and Jeff and I are going to Portland to see Social Distortion, as my birthday present, I am very excited. This is Tuesday, and then we will both have Wednesday off together, maybe we can find something cool to do in Portland (any ideas from any friends from the area?).
My Birthday is actually Thursday, so I have that day off as well. I am going to go visit my dad during his 6 hour chemo treatment. I am happy to spend time with my dad, but I have to tell you this is kind of getting to me, cause my dad has pretty much always taken the week of my birthday off to go hunting, and well right now that just isn't happening. I do not really even know why it is hard for me this week, but I guess because I have been the stronger one between my mom, and sister, and a little overwhelmed with my biology class, and about 2-3 hours of sleep everyday. It is not like I am a hunter and want to go hunting with him, cause I am not. I remember my sister and I used to go with him, but we would giggle, and he would tell us we were too loud. Then there was the time he took me to the shooting range, and after he fired his gun, I started crying, and my mom had to come get me. I think it is because I just want him to do what he loves to do, and things to be normal again. I feel bad for even letting you all know this, but every so often even the strong ones get weak.
One another note November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and on the 6th, my mom, sister, aunt, godmother, well family friend, Ben, Amanda, Zack, Jozie, and I are all walking in Boston to help raise money to prevent, and hopefully find a cure for lung cancer. You can click on my dad's picture, and join us if you would like. Please do if you can, it is for a good cause, and will be a good time.
That is all that is on my plate for next week, but it should all be fun, and I am super happy I get to spend Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with my husband, and then my Birthday with my dad, and my mom.

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