Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

To ring in our New Year the kids and I made a poster that we wrote the good, and bad memories of 2010, and we wrote down some things we remembered about the year, here is a list of what we have on our poster.
Getting to world 5 on Super Mario
I made the school soccer team
Earned my yellow belt
Tftw shut down
One year closer to my degree
Getting the principals award for my good grades
I made some great new friends
My Lego necklace
Mrs. York got married
My dad being diagnosed with lung caner
Went back to my dad's house
I cried a lot
Had a great summer with Tay, Zack, and Jozie
I laughed a lot
I turned 11
smiled a lot
Having my appendix out
Mr. Whitworth came to our school
Jeffy got a new job
had an experience of a lifetime (i really did too)
earned my orange belt
Grandpa got diagnosed with cancer
not being able to participate in my holiday recital
making my gingerbread house
started 8th grade
got lots of wii games
Mrs. Gay left
started karate
I got my ipod touch
celebrated another year with my husband
made honor roll for the 3rd time
Mrs. Blanchette left
mom moved
Ariana slept over
became closer with two of my great friends
Reconnected with family
sledding down a huge hill with Ariana
getting A,B honor roll for the first trimester
I got my Nikon camera
I got my mac.
There are many more things that we did in 2010, these are just the things that stuck in my mind, and Tay's, Zack's and Jozies's minds.
Here is to 2011, and the memories we make.

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