Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Roundup!

Oh What a week last week was. The truth is that we made it through, and woke up everyday, so I cannot complain.
I also learned last week never to say 'It can't get any worse!" Because honestly that is a lie, it can get a lot worse.
My week started with a pretty tough day at work on Monday, and then on Tuesday my dad, and my grandmother were both admitted to the hospital, and now they are both at home. My gram was having a tough time breathing, and my dad, had has some back pain so the Dr wanted an MRI. The bad news is it is cancer in his spine. I have to say though that I honestly feel that my dad will come out of this okay. He is a strong man, and he has a really attitude at least when I talk to him, so with those key things, and the fact that he has come this far, I feel he will make it through all of this.
So needless to say I do not have much more about last week, except that after Jozie's trip in the Target, er foot is not broken, and is doing well.
I have to say though, even though I am sticking to the fact that I will never say "It can't get worse" both Jeff and I have had a tough couple days, and are really awaiting some good news, or something good to happen to us, who knows when, but I bet something good will happen soon.

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