Monday, March 21, 2011

I Don't Know

As most of you know my father passed away on March 10th at 9:23pm. That was a very bad day for me, and my family. My dad was awesome, funny, brave, simple, and the most amazing person I have ever met, and my hero. My heartbreaks for me, and my family, but I think it does more so for my mother.
Anyways my post is titled I Don't Know because I have no idea what to do or say when someone tells me I am sorry, or what can I do to help. I really have no idea, I say thank you, and I am all set, but really why do I say thank you, or I am all set, both of them make no sense to me. So I ask my few readers, What do you say back to people when they say these things to you after you have lost someone, and someone like my dad?

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