Friday, May 13, 2011

Changing my Workout

I have decided to change my workout plan, and here is why. I have noticed an overall healthier change in Jeff since he started P90x, and he is not changing much size wise but his overall energy is higher, and he is stronger. Recently I started doing the Kenpo P90x with him on the days that he does it, but as far as the rest I cannot do it, my body is not tough enough.
This led me to some research, and what I came up with is P90 and it is for those not ready for p90X. I started P90 on Monday, and just as Jeff the day after became very sick, but I did do my workout each day. I have not seen results except that it is not as hard as I expected. I work hard, but I never feel like wow that was tough, and then I wake up the next morning, and change my mind because my muscles are sore, but that is good. I will not keep daily posts about my P90, but this is because I cannot keep daily posts at all. I will however blog about it every once in a while, although I cannot promise. I am hoping that I can keep up with it, and will try my best, but I do have to do my Praxis 1 test soon ( like very soon), so I need to study, plus I am still doing classes, and have 3 kids. I am determined however to take my 30 minutes a day to my self to do P90.

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