Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happily Ranting, or Just Random

I am either ranting or giving you a random roundup. 
I have been in school for awhile a long time now, and have just started my core classes. I am so excited because really I am almost done. Well except that have to take these three really big huge tests, and one of them is soon. I am not  a good test taker so I am really nervous. I always thought as you get older you grow out of some of these things, but I was wrong, I personally think it gets worse.
We are nearing the end of the dance year!!! I cannot wait to see Jo's dances, I have not seen any of them this year. They are in a room with no window.
I have been doing well with getting dinners made, and ready every night when I go to see my mom, or have softball with Tay, or dance with Jo. I either so it in the morning or the night before. I am also keeping up with school work, so I am sorry for not keeping up with the blog, I am trying. I also wish I could find more time to go take some pictures (well time, and non rainy, cold weather).
I am super excited about the fact that my husband set aside some money to take me out to dinner. We have not gone out to dinner in so long, I cannot wait to go out for a night, like on a date type night.
Finally, for those of you who I have said things like.. "why do people ask me how I am doing." when it comes to my dad. I will tell you without you asking, cause I know some of my good friends want to, but do not know if they should. My dad was an amazing man, he was my hero I miss him a lot. I was sick last week, and really wanted to call him, because I always would call him to take me to the hospital ( I did not need to go to the hospital, but I still wanted him to take me). There are a lot of things I wish I could still do with my dad, like hang out in the garage, or go to the dump, or even just watch the news with him. I do not know about religious things, and I have been even more confused about that since he died, but I do hope that I get to see him again someday (not too soon).
Oh wait one more thing, My mom got a puppy, and he is the cutest, best puppy ever,  and it is wonderful for her.

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