Friday, June 3, 2011


I am sorry to my 6 readers that I have. I have not posted since May 18th. I have just been super busy with work (as the end of the year is 15 school days away), school, kids, and life in general.
Here is a quick update of what has been going on.
My husband got a new job!!!! He will be here at night now!!!!
I am almost done work for the summer!!!!!!!
I did plant a tree for my dad on his Birthday, (Okay Jeff did, and it was in Tuesday, because we were out riding in my dads jeep on his Birthday) And yes I love the Jeep, and would be buying it, but I do not have the money. That SUCKS!!!
Anyways, when I was a kid we had a huge weeping willow tree in our yard, and so we bought, and planted a weeping willow tree in memory of my daddy.
Jeff, and Tay are both playing softball, Zack is well I do not know, hanging with the girls most of the time, and Jozie is finishing up her year at dance with a recital on Saturday.
That is about all that has been going on. I will post more often, I promise.

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