Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Dropped the Ball

Last Sunday was Fathers day, and I dropped the ball. I forgot cards for Jeff from the kids, and even from me. I say forgot, but really I tried to avoid the fact that it was fathers day. It just does not feel right when your daddy is no longer here to celebrate with.

I have to apologize to my husband though, because really it is kind of an asshole thing to forget, or to avoid a holiday that he is a part of. Although Jeff was understanding , and he said he did not care about cards. I did say happy Fathers day to him though.

Jeff I am so sorry! I love you, and you are a great father to all three of our children. I am proud of you for being the father that you are.

*****I know, it is still an asshole thing to do*******

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  1. Just thought you would like to know it took mw three times going to stores to be able to read cards to buy them. Every time I had a major breakdown. Oh well it was a really sucky holiday though, and I too felt really bad that I couldn't feel happy for Brian either.