Monday, June 13, 2011


I have just a few random things that I want to tell about, be it venting, or sharing exciting news, or just rambling.

On Saturday I got a new phone. I went from the Blackberry to an Android, and so far I have to ask my self "What the hell took you so long." I love it. It is fast, the apps are great, and I just well I love it.
Sunday was a day of watching Jeff play softball, which I like doing so it was good, and I always take pictures so that is fun. I can't wait until this Sunday because I got a new wide angle lens so I am excited to try it out.
Today was not such a happy day, I walked into work only to find a memo and yes it was a memo in my mailbox telling me that I had no assignment for next year. In other words, "you are shit out luck." This sucks!!! I love my job, and it works well with my family, and the fact that I go to school full time. You know it seems like one good thing is always followed by a bad thing, sometimes two. Jeff gets a new job that is perfect, and I loose mine. By the way I do way more than is required of me at my job, and as much as I want to say Fuck You, and not do it anymore, that is not who I am. Will it pay off,? nope it most likely won't, Will I feel better about myself?, nope probably not, does anyone really care? Nope. So on that note I will move on......
This coming Saturday I get my tattoo finished!!!!!! My half sleeve will hopefully be done, and I can move on to the portrait of my dad that I have been really wanting. I will post pictures when I am all done.
That is all I have..... In the words of Dory from Finding Nemo...I am gonna just keep swimming.

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