Friday, July 29, 2011

New Button

Two posts in one day!
Really though this is IMPORTANT, to me and my family, and a very close friend of mine. If you look at the new picture on my side bar, that is my dad, and as most of you know he died of lung cancer on March 10,2011. I can tell how horrible it was to watch him suffer, and eventually watch my father, my hero, and the greatest man I have ever known die, but really that is not for now. If you click that picture it will take you to the Lungevity website, and the walk we are doing to help raise money for lung cancer research and hopefully one day a cure.
Please help in any way that you can. I would never wish what my dad went through on anyone, and I hope that you or your loved ones never have to go through it, and my dad would tell you the same thing if he was here.

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