Saturday, July 23, 2011


I have some very exciting news! So almost two years ago I took a class that required me to take some pictures it was an art class that I took while working on my teaching degree (which I am currently somewhat working on still). My mother gave me her Nikon D80 as a gift, with two kit lenses, and my new camera I started taking all kinds of pictures, and my family (my mom mostly) started saying to me "You have a great eye for this Kel, you should do something with it." I somewhat ignored her because well most people had said to me "you're not a good picture taker." or things of that nature. A few months ago however a couple of the local mom's had said you take great pictures...and so on, and then the person that I listen to the most because he is my best friend in the world my husband told someone, "She is really good at picture taking, she just has that eye." To be honest I was kind of shocked because he used to tell me otherwise, and I agreed that I was bad at it. Well all that being said, and a little bit of back story here is my exciting news.....
After some long thought research, and the fact that I love taking pictures of everything and anything, I have decided to change my major. I will no longer be getting a bachelor of science with education degree. I will now be transferring to an art school, and getting a bachelor in fine arts with a major in Photography, and taking the extra classes so I can still get a teaching degree just as art instead of science. I will be getting a degree that will allow me to do two of my greatest passions, photography, and teaching. With that I guess I congratulate myself for a couple reasons, one being that I have the confidence in myself (finally) to know what I want to do when I grow up, and two that I am able to do what my passion, and hobby is.

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  1. YOU GO GIRL! I'm sooooo proud of you!