Monday, July 25, 2011

The Crazy Things

You know it is a little crazy in my house right now. Jeff changed jobs back in June, and although it is a far better company, he is back to working 16 hour days, and that just sucks, for him mostly. Do not get me wrong I miss him so much, and hate it, and the kids do to, but shhh do not tell him that. I say this because as hard as it is, I cannot sit here and complain to him about it because well really it is far harder for him, and that would only make it worse for him. (Yes he reads my blog, and yes he will see this!)
Here is the crazy part though, I have just learned that. I mean the whole how if I complain it makes it worse for him.
Next we have my change in colleges, and majors. This is crazy because well it just brings a whole new change to the house.
Finally with three kids, well it is just crazy no matter how old they are because even as they become more independent there becomes a bigger need to be on top of things. 
But again here is the crazy best part.... Our life's are changing so fast, and everyday brings a new challenge. Everyday no matter if he is working 16 hours, or 2 hours I am grateful for all the things that my husband sacrifices to let me work the job that I work, go to school, and be home with my kids before, and after school, and all summer. I am grateful for the fact that he understands me, and is there for me when I have tough decisions to make. I am grateful that he loves me as much as he does, because well lets face it I am a bit of a pain in the ass. And I am grateful for the the fact that I get to love him, because even through the crazy times, and the best times, he is truly an amazing husband, that I love very much.

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