Monday, September 12, 2011

Jo Jo

On Friday, Jo turned 12 years old. I wanted to help her have a fantastic birthday, but being that it was her first week of school, dance, and comp. dance, added with a couple soccer practices for her brother, and a game on Friday it was a little difficult to not feel the chaos of the first of school.
She did have a great birthday, though. She even got enough birthday money for her ipod touch.
Now the hard part..... my baby turned 12. Where did the time go? I guess I have learned a few things along the way, and she does have two older siblings that somewhat pave the road for her. It still does not change the fact the time goes by so fast, and you never realize it until you have your kids.
My dad would be proud of Jo, she made the competition team for dance, and is now in 7th grade, so she is in middle school. She is friendly, and outgoing, while being herself the whole time. She will wear a tutu, and jeans to school, and when someone says something to her, she just says something smart like, "okay well you just have to smile, and you can pull it off."
Jo, and my mom.
Jo is a great, fun-loving girl that has grown so much since her last birthday. I am very proud of her, and although she is growing up way to fast, I embrace all that she is, and will be.

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