Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a Rant.

I have been so busy that I hardly even get to blog anymore. Going back to work sucks, I wish I could stay home, but it would be hard for me to be a stay at home mother when all my kids are gone to school all day. Besides the fact that after about 2 days I would get bored out of my mind, and need to get out.
Anyways, I have gone back to work, and school, and the kids have gone back to school. I love my classes that I am taking, and I am learning so much already. As far as being back at work, well we can talk about that another time. The kids so far are doing well at school, but this week is their first full week because they started so late.
September is a busy month for us because there are so many birthdays. I would not be surprised to find that I only blog once or twice for the rest of the month.
Other than all the other random rant stuff I would say, but I will save that for another time, I have these beautiful roses that bloomed in September. Yes I said September. Check them out.

Yes I know this is not a rose, but I like it!

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