Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Weeks.....

I am two weeks into my two classes towards my BFA/ Photography, and I did very well in my first week. It was a lot of time spent online, and in class, but as far as the photo assignment it was easy. I had to make my own view finder, take a picture, and post it for one class, and then for my other class I just had to take a picture of the town I live in, and my favorite part of it. Like I said easy. This week though has been a little challenging. I had to take a picture of something that means a lot to me. My first response was easy, my kids. Then I realized while my kids are the most important thing to me, and mean everything to me, however that was not exactly the assignment, because it was to research some things that are important to me, and take a picture of one, then write about why that is important to you. After a lot of thought, I finally figured it out. I took a picture of my camera. Why? You ask. Here is the thing, my camera is important to me for many reasons, but I will share a just a few because I am sure you do not have hours to sit here, and read my blog. Without my camera, I would not be able to take pictures of my kids, or have the memories of their birthdays, holidays, award ceremonies at school, and how much they grow every day. I would not be able to capture the moments that I love so much. I would not be able to photograph my husband for that matter either. Without my camera I would not have a picture of my dad helping Jo open one of her Christmas presents, when last Christmas was his last Christmas. I would not have the picture of the huge sign that Jeff left in the hallway for Zack to find in the morning of his 13th birthday, that said Happy Birthday Dash, Welcome to your teens! I would not have the pictures of my dad's last Birthday party, or his last Birthday cake at his house, and him sitting and chucking crab apples at Jo. I would not have the pictures of all the neighborhood kids getting along, and playing at the lake together. You see without my camera I would not have any of these pictures, and they all mean so much to me. So that is just some of the many reasons why I photographed my camera, and why it is important to me.
The Christmas photo I mentioned.

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