Thursday, October 20, 2011

Memorable Moment

I have to give a little information first so bear with me here. I work in a High School, as an aid, and this my first year ever being in a high school since I graduated. I have worked with elementary kids for the past 5 years; so you can imagine how working in a high school would be different.
I work in an English class three out of the eight periods in my day, and well I have never been one to be grammatically correct, or hell even a good speller I have learned over the years that for me these things get better with age. Anyway, every week the kids have a paper to do, and this week the paper needs to be about a Memorable Moment. This is somewhat ironic to me because yesterday as I was upset that my birthday is fast approaching, and I went to visit my dad last year in my birthday, but this year I cannot do that. Jeff had said to me "Kel, I know this is very hard for you, but take a few minutes, and remember all the good times you got hang out with your dad, he would not want you sad, and crying all the time."
My thought was, ummm it is not that easy, because I really miss my dad. Then I was thinking about it today, and well I do have a lot of good memories of my times with my dad. So this sparks me to tell you about this one time....
September 22, 1997, I was two weeks late with Zack, and was being induced, and if any of you have been induced you know that you need to go in the night before to get this gel, that will hopefully start your labor. Well I had to go in, and you know who brought me in, my daddy. He even hung out with me for a minutes while I got all settled in. When he left my x-husband showed up (not my x at the time), and we went through the night with nothing happening.
The next day they started the iv, and well I as on my way to having my first child. My sister was my coach, and when she showed up the first thing she said is "Where is dad?" I had no idea, I assumed he was at work. My sister said that his truck was the hospital, but how the hell would I know, I was in labor.
My dad was in fact at the hospital because he had fallen off his logging truck, and broken some ribs. I did not find this out until much later in the day because no one wanted to worry or upset me.
I finally had Zachary, and a few days later was sent home. I was on maternity leave for 6 weeks, and you know what, my dad was on broken rib leave for 6 weeks too. This was great because I lived with my parents, so while I was home with Zack, my dad was home. I will never forget that everyday when I went to shower or do anything, my dad would have me put Zack on his chest, and that is where he would stay until he cried. My dad, and Zack would sleep, or watch tv, but for at least an hour a day my dad would have Zack in his chest. That to me is a great, good memorable moment.

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