Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Day in the Life

I saw a post today, well I think like 3 or 4 that described a day in the life, so I thought since winter break is now over I would share an average day in my life:
3am- First alarm goes off, but since I am a snoozer, it keeps going off.
3:30am alarm goes off again (see told you I was a snoozer)
3:45am I get up, and make coffee.
4:00am I turn on my computer, and check into one of my classes, I get as much done as I ca between now, and 5:30am.
5:30am shower.
6:00am I get Jozie up for school, and finish getting ready for work.
6:30am I get Zack up, and eat breakfast with the kids.
6:55am The kids leave for school, and I go around just getting the final touches like my coffee, and water ready to go.
7:10am I leave for work, and get there at 7:30am
I am that at work, working with high school students until 3pm
3:20 I get home, hang up my stuff, and sit with the kids to do homework, I sometimes bring out my computer and work on my school work depending on how much help the kids need.
5:00 make dinner
5:30-6:00 sit with the kids while they eat, I do not eat at this time because I work out after they are done, and I cannot eat first then work out
6:30 Workout
8:00 sit down and eat, and hang out with kids
9:15 Tuck Jozie in, and at 9:30- Zack gets tucked in, and yes every night they get a kiss, and I love you's before I turn off their light on the way out.
9:30-10:30 Homework
11:00 Bed
Now I left out all the other things that moms do, like dishes, and laundry, and general mom stuff, but that all gets done as well. This is basically just a run down of a normal, no after school activities day at my house.

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