Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Natural Firming Mask

For Christmas this year my mother gave me a book with all natural skin, and hair care recipes. It is a wonderful book, and I am loving some of the things that I have tried. I thought I would share a truly wonderful, and very easy face firming mask, that yes really works, and is great on all skin types.( Before I do though let say, I am in no way a medical professional, nor do I claim to be, and am in no way responsible for any type of reaction you have to this.)
Here it is:
One cold small or medium egg white,
One teaspoon of cornstarch
Mix together until smooth, and foamy, there should be no lumps, and apply to face. At this point you will need to lay down or all your wrinkles if you have any with go south, and you do NOT want that. Wait 20 minutes, and rinse off, follow with moisturizer.
This mask gets very tight, and you will have a hard time open your mouth, but it is not that uncomfortable, and the results are awesome (at least they were with me)

This is from Organic Body Care Recipes. Author: Stephanie Tourles
I was in no way paid to write this, or am I claiming this is my recipe.

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  1. Good Blog Kel. Glad you like the book. I actually posted something to my blog today if you get a few minutes please check it out.