Saturday, January 21, 2012


First off let me tell you if you do not know me, I am the least organized person in the world. I am one who will try to be organized, and fail at it over, and over, and over, unless of course it is my pictures, I am really organized with those.  On that note, I recently read that meal planning a month at a time is helpful for bust families, and well a mom of three, a full time job, and a full time student I would say qualifies as a busy family, add in a husband that works about 16 hours a day, and yup that defiantly qualifies.
So about a month ago now, I tool a blank calendar page, and planned out the whole month of January worth of meals. I then looked at that list every week before I went to the store, and made my list. I cannot tel you how much this little sheet of paper has helped my family this month. It is awesome, Jeff even called the other day, and asked what dinner plans were, and I said look at the calendar. It is perfect. I even put leftover nights in there, and we have thrown way less food away. I also put nights for the kids to plan whats for dinner, and help make it.
This week it will change a bit due to football games, and a dress rehearsal Friday night, but I know that now, and am making the changes for the calendar. I being the most unorganized person you will ever meet highly suggest monthly meal planning, at least try it for a month. I am totally hooked, and one step closer to being a little more organized.

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