Friday, January 13, 2012

My Confession

I have a confession to make, umm okay maybe a few, but here goes. I do not read nearly as much as I should. I mean I read my books for school, and I read all the blogs that I follow, but I do not sit with a book to read for enjoyment. That being said however I have recently finished the first book that I have read in a while, and not one that I read because I was reading to the kids at bedtime. I mean a book that I read just to read a book. I am somewhat embarrassed by the book that I read to. I read, and yes I fell into the trap New Moon, and might I tell you that at first I was kind of into it, and enjoyed. Please note that at first. Then as I got a little more than halfway I realized how awful it really was. This book is horrible, I mean really bad. Here is a little summary: Edward, and Bella are in love, he leaves her because he cannot give her the human life she deserves. Bella start hanging around with Jacob, and he then becomes a werewolf, but she knows, and is okay with that. He tells her loves her, she just wants to be friends. After everyday with Jacob, Bella starts to think that she could learn to love him, as she is ready to tell him. Edwards sister shows up, and Jacob hates vampires, in fact he fights them, and kills them. Bella then takes off to Italy to save Edward as he is asking the head of vampires to kill him, and saves him. He tells her he lied he never wants to be without her, and she takes him back. All this is happens in between the many dangerous things she does because every time she does something dangerous Edwards voice is in her head, and she wants to hear him. She gets hurt numerous times, and is super clumsy. She has nightmares about him leaving her, after he already did of course, and all she wants is to look into his eyes, and feel his cold, hard skin, which is described on almost every page. This book is ridiculous, it has many spelling errors, and I suck at spelling so for me to find them is bad. The grammar issue is the same, and there are typos up the ass. Again all of the things that I am bad at, so for me to find is bad. It took almost 12 weeks, reading at least an hour a day 5 days a week to finish this book, if that says anything about how bad it is. I just felt a need to share this with all of you because well I just needed to tell you how horrible it is that teenage girls everywhere (including my own) are so into these books, and movies.

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