Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Know Who I Am.

I think having teenage children brings a whole new world to look at. One thing that I notice with my kids, and with my job, is that there is a lot of be like me, and if your not, either you will be the kid no one speaks to, or your the kid (and this is mostly with girls) that will not get spoken to, or made fun of, or they will so jealous of you that they make your life miserable, and talk about you all the time, even when they thought they were friends. I find it very important for my kids to learn, and know that it is okay for them to be them, and know who they are. So this post is more a lesson for my kids, and anyone else who needs a little self love speech (i do not know that is the right word).
I always thought I wanted to be a teacher, but after working in schools for a while I realized, no flipping way do I want that job. I always loved to take pictures, but with a ton of critizicsm about how horrible of a picture taker I was. I knew though that I saw wanted I wanted to capture I guess no one else did though. I managed to take a couple classes while in school for teaching, and learned a few things. Then decided I really wanted to be a photgrapher, and now am in photography school. I know I will be good at what I do, despite the critics. I know I do a good job.
My best friend is truly my husband, I love him more than life itself. We have a relationship like no other couple we know. Yes of course no matter what there are critics there as well. My husband allows me to be me, and I know you have all read this before, but I can't say it enough. We are who we are, and do not need to pretend. In the end we are best friends, and our love truly grows everyday. Our kids are our world, and they know it. They are great kids, and that is because we raise them. They are the center of our universe.
I have tattoos, and yes a big old skull on my arm, even my friends have said not nice things about it, I also have a deer for my dad, and yes have heard shit talk about that too. I am a huge baseball fan, and could give you a ton of baseball facts. I have a one of kind relationship with my husband. My kids are the three best things that have ever happened to me. I am very close to my mother, I was very close to my daddy, that YES I still cry everyday wishing he was still here. I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Soccer mom, Dance mom (not like in that gross show), A Photographer,and A Mini Van driving tattooed woman who know who she is, and could not be prouder. Critics will talk, let them you got their attention, so you have made an impression.

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