Friday, April 3, 2009

Art Work

One of the best things to do with your kids during vacation weeks from school, is to find something they enjoy doing, and sign them up

During February vacation, Jozie had the opportunity to go to a local pottery studio and make a mask. She had so much fun making the mask, that I then signed her up to paint the mask as well. She enjoyed that just as much. It cost me a total of $25.00 for her to make this mask, and then paint it after it was fired. That is not very expensive considering that all the supplies were provided for her, and she was there for 2 hours both times. The other side of the cost is that she had so much fun doing this. She really enjoys art projects, and making things.

The pottery studio is doing some workshops again in April for vacation. One day is making a mug, another is making a plate, and then there are two days for making two different kinds of bowls. I do not know which one she will go to, but she will do one of them.

Things that are enjoyable for them are so much better for them to do, then having them do things that they are not interested in.

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