Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Customer is Always Right

At most stores the customer is always right. Well on Saturday I went to the Alton 5 and dime to buy a shower gift. I decided to get a scrapbook, some paper, stickers, and a few other things. The scrapbook that I picked was great, it had a pink butterfly on a brown background. The sticker on the front that described the album said $12.99, then there was a another sticker that was hanging off the album that said $16.99. When the lady rang up the album, it came up as $17.99. I then stopped her and showed her the $12.99 sticker.

Now at this point I am already annoyed because I only had 4 pieces of paper and she has 10 rung up, and when I stopped her about the book, she re rang in the paper. Really!?

After I pointed out the sticker three times that said $12.99 she said to me and I quote "Well customers change stickers all the time." I told her that I did not want that scrapbook then because she wouldn't give me it for that price. I then had Zack go get me a different album that was marked $12.99, when he brought it back the lady said to me "I saw what you did" I asked her "What did I do?"

"You put a different sticker in this one too"


Just so you all know I have never changed a price sticker on anything. So I explained that to the incompetent woman and paid for my stuff. On the way out though I made sure to let the owner know the situation and how incompetent his employee was. He told me he would take care of it and to come back in and get the first scrapbook for the $12.99. I said no thank you I will take the one that it took me twenty minutes already to get.

I was trying to cash out at that store for 30 minutes and that is probably an understatement, it was probably longer than that. I have learned my lesson though. Next time I will go to Wal Mart or Target, but I will NEVER NEVER NEVER go to the Lakeside Variety five and dime in Alton again.

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