Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome Baseball!

Today was suppose to be opening day for the Red Sox, but they were rained out so the game was postponed until tomorrow. That news made me a little upset, because I was able to get out of work at 1 today to watch the game. Even though the game does not start until 4 tomorrow, I will be at dance with the kids. I would say thank goodness for DVR, but you can not avoid hearing the score, so it really would not do me any good.

Tomorrow I will miss about half the game, (which sucks) but I will hopefully get to see the end. Although no matter what there will still be 161 more games for me to watch! I love baseball, and the Red Sox.

Welcoming in the baseball season, also means welcoming in the warmer weather, less clothes, BB Q's and bonfires. So Welcome Baseball, and Summer!!!!

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