Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Time

Yesterday was so much fun. Jeff and I tool the kids to visit some of our great friends at the ocean, while they are on vacation. In the past we have not bee able to do a lot of things all together, when all the kids are home. With Jeff's new job, however we end up with a day in the middle of the week that we are all home, so we took advantage of it.

Even though it was raining the kids played in the pool, and then down at the ocean. The men played too. It was a great opportunity to take some really cool pictures too. Keep in mind though that I am in no way even near a professional photographer, but hey at least I try.

I love the fact that we had a chance to have family time, and could not have thought of a better day. Thank you Michele, and Colby, again.

Family, Friends, and a whole lot of Fun, there is nothing better than that!

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